What Riders Want

It’s time to uncover the unmet needs of your ridership. Through expert user experience research, we help agencies prioritize based on the highest impact, paving the way for a more equitable and accessible transit experience–that also increases ridership.

Your Technical Landscape

Chart your current technical terrain with support from TransitOPS, your innovation expert resource. Together, we’ll navigate transit tech intricacies, pinpoint redundancies, uncover unnecessary complexity, and find opportunities to provide riders with the most accurate and timely information.

Sustainable Implementation

“Let’s keep our software and change our vendor!” will be your new technology mantra as you embrace modern open-source transit systems, open standards, best practices, and contract terms that put your agency in control of the critical systems that riders and operations staff rely on.

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TransitOPS is a non-profit organization that provides services to public transit agencies that modernize technology, reduce vendor lock-in, and lower costs.

The TransitOPS transit data platform gets schedule changes, travel diversions, vehicle locations, arrival times, and unplanned disruption information to riders quickly, improving service and customer experience.

Case StudyClosing the Bus Prediction Equity Gap
Employing multiple technology interventions to get bus arrival times predictions on par with subway predictions.
Case StudyOvercoming Transit Software Vendor Limitations During COVID-19
The TransitOPS founders and other MBTA consultants managed to pull raw messages from a vendor system to provide useful information about the immediate risk of each bus due to passenger crowding.
Case StudyHow a Modern Transit Data Platform Can Improve Bus Service
Modernizing the tools used by bus dispatchers and inspectors to enable rapid service adjustments.

The Transit Data Platform

Combining transit data to support better service

Transit Data Platform
Public transit agencies are continually generating data as they provide service to riders, such as:
  • vehicle locations and diagnostics
  • schedule information
  • arrival/departure predictions
  • rider boardings/exits
  • fare interactions
  • customer feedback
  • reports from operators and other staff
  • disruptions
  • traffic
  • shuttles
  • alerts

Frequently this data exists in separate silos making it difficult to combine to support better service. Some may be in proprietary vendor software, managed by different teams within an agency, or not collected in the first place. Getting the data to the right locations can be a spaghetti-like mess.

The TransitOPS Data Platform provides the infrastructure and software to ingest this data, process it into consistent formats (such as GTFS and GTFS-RealTime), and publish it to riders and staff. The data gets monitored and observed so that agencies notice data issues before their riders do. This platform allows consistent real-time data everywhere from public transit websites to 3rd-party apps, holding vendors accountable and freeing up staff for higher-value work.