Supported App

TransitOPS supports, develops, architects, and operates open-source technology. TransitOPS team members have contributed to many of these applications; however, we also support the remarkable work of other developers and organizations in the open-source transit tech community. In particular, we recognize the contributions of the MBTA’s Customer Technology Department and the TimeKeepers.


A secure web based dispatch and notification tool for field dispatchers using existing AVL feeds and commodity tablets and phones.


Rich visuals presentation of transit data for screens of all shapes and sizes.

Lightweight Application for Measuring Performance (LAMP)

Modern data analytics approach to on-time performance monitoring of historical transit data.

Alerts Concierge

Send notifications to riders about unplanned disruptions that will impact their travel plan.


Provide a easily-queried interface to an agency’s static and real-time data.


Combines all of an agency’s real-time data into a single, consistent output without compromising latency


Create long-term data backups for later data analysis


Provide signal priority for transit vehicles, helping them stay on schedule

Elevator Hotline

Using cloud-based text-to-speech technology, Elevator Hotline reads the descriptions of GTFS service alerts over the phone based on caller selections.


Generate accurate arrival time predictions by processing realtime vehicle positions using advanced artificial intelligence strategies.