A secure web based dispatch and notification tool for field dispatchers using existing AVL feeds and commodity tablets and phones.

Benefit to Agency

See “route ladders” of scheduled bus routes with the option to scale up or down depending on how many routes need active management

  • View detailed information about a bus, such as its number, operator, blockid, schedule, and more so that dispatchers can make informed decisions in the field.
  • Pull up an in-app Google map with driving directions in the event that there’s a disabled bus vehicle maintenance need to find
  • Track shuttle buses and enable dispatch to manage their headways in real time
Benefit to Riders

Dispatchers are able to provide accurate information to waiting riders without leaving the curb. By more actively and accurately managing headways at bus hubs, riders experience fewer delays and accumulated wait times.

Skate default view with multiple routes as vertical ladders.

Route ladders with status-view of an individual trip

Route ladders with run-view of an individual trip

Ghost bus busting

Upcoming swings for selected routes